Dayhike - Storslåga, Norway | 62°07'16.3"N 12°04'11.8"E

A hot day on by the end of summer 2019 we visited the Swedish-Norwegian border with the aim to field-test our BN001 series in summer-heat aswell as getting ourself a great adventure. Our plan was to mountainbike the first 9 kilometers that we needed to transport ourselves to get to the ascent starts. This transport was a bit tricky, a lot of big rocks and overall not a very easy terrain to keep balanced in while on the bike. But appx 1 hour (i know, long time for only 9 kilometers) after we started we reached the foot of Storslåga. Beautiful clear day, and appx 20 degrees celcius in the lowlands.  



Storslåga is not a very high mountain, but the hike do get quite tricky from time to time due to the very rocky terrain. As we made our way to the top we got to see lots of raindeer´s strolling in the higher grounds. This mountain is a Norwegian national park, and well worth a visit. The views are spectacular, and the time for us to reach the top from the foot of the mountain was roughly 1,5 hours. As I mentioned earlier, this was kind of a fieldtest aswell, to see if our Hiking pant BN001 would be OK to wear in the somewhere 20-ish degrees (68 °F) that we had this day. And good news, they worked just fine, we had to open the vent-zips, but overall, we where actually surprised, since we expected them to be a bit to hot for a day like this.