About Us


Hi there! We´re Beyond Nordic. An outdoor brand developed by hiking fanatics Patrik Tankred and Johannes Franzén, two outdoor enthusiasts with thousands of wildlife hours in their resume. We thought the industry of hiking pants was outdated, and felt the market needed something more! Better fit, cleaner design, and updated features! We collected all our favourite specs and props from famous outdoor brands around the globe, added the features we´d been missing, adapted the design to fit in to 2019 and Voila, Beyond Nordic! We hope you will find your next favourite gear among our product line, any questions, please write us and we will happily be at your service!


Regards Johannes & Patrik 

We are:

- A young and independent brand focusing on functional clothing. 
- Created by outdoor enthusiasts, for outdoor enthusiasts
- Based in Sweden, where we also warehouse all our products

Our Goal:

- Deliver unique, high quality gear, for a price that is really affordable
- Become the Future OScandinavian Outdoor  [FOSO]


- By offering our designs and product direct to our customer, and cutting out all unnecessary step in the distribution-chain such as agents, distributors and retailers, we can sell high quality products, for a price up to 3-4 times lower than you pay for a garment in the regular stores. 

Where to buy:

- Our products retails exclusively at www.beyondnordic.com 


 - As an outdoor brand, we keep mother earth close to our hearts. We constantly try to find the most environmental friendly transportation for our goods, as well as keeping our production chain green. 
- All our *DWR treatments are 100% fluorocarbon free.

*Impregnation with DWR means that a very thin layer of coating is applied on top of the fabric, preventing water from being absorbed by the fabric fibers and instead making the water rinse off