Kickstarter - Rescue Backpacks

We are thrilled to be back on Kickstarter with our 4th campaign. In line with our aggressive growth journey we are now proud to present a new era for the brand Beyond Nordic. Except from designing and producing high quality outdoor clothing we have now taken the step into gear. We hereby present the ultimate hiking backpack for exploring and expeditions!

When we started out designing the BN501 and 502 about a year ago from now, our aim was to produce a searchable, durable, great value and highly functional backpack without compromising the quality even a bit. During the year of 2021 we developed a backpack that qualifies on all the above points. The design is made with functionality in mind, offering numerous anchoring points, pockets and other smart functions that will come in handy when you are on an adventure. We are extremely proud to present this new project of ours. We hope you will enjoy our new family member as much as we do!


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