RECCO technology makes you searchable to professional rescuers in the event of an avalanche accident orwhen lost in the outdoors. Wearing gear equipped with RECCO® reflectors enables professional rescuers tolocate you with RECCOdetectors.The technology is a two-part system, the detector sends out a directionalradar signalonce ithits the RECCO reflector the signal is echoed back and directs the rescuer to your location.The RECCO technology is a global standardfor avalanche rescueandhandhelddetectors are carried byprofessional rescue teams worldwide. Detectors are also used from air to scan large areas fast foramissingperson.The reflectors do not replace personalavalanchetransceivers and companion rescue but don’t need tobe turned on and provide a back-up to always be searchable to professional rescuers.

RECCO i fritidsbyan BN001 från Beyond Nordic