BN401 Heat Wax

BN401 Heat Wax

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To improve or re-impregnate your garments that have lost its water repellency, our own developed Heat Wax is a really good alternative. Waxing your gear is extremely gentle on the environment compared to traditional impregnation methods.

This process is advantageously repeated at regular intervals to preserve the garments water repellency. When applying the wax, you decide how thick layer you wish to apply. Often a thicker layer applies over parts that are more exposed, such as shoulders and front legs.

After the wax has been applied, it needs to be heated in order to penetrate the fibers of the garments fabric. This is easily done with the help of an iron (with baking paper between the iron and the garment), hair dryer, storm kitchen or even an open fire.

The wax is then removed after a couple of washes in the machine according to the garment's washing instructions.

Contains: 80% beeswax, 20% paraffin

Technical specification:
- ECO-friendly impregnation
- Natural ingredients (80% beeswax, 20% paraffin)
- Weight: 90g

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